Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kalel Cullen and Anthony Padilla Waiting Until Marriage to Have Sex?

Update: Unfortunately Kalel and Anthony have decided to go their separate ways; though they are still on good terms with each other.

If you've read the comments on some of the WatchUsLiveandStuff (Now Kalel Kitten) videos, you may had seen the common debate of whether or not Anothony and Kalel have had sex or are waiting until marriage. Many defend them, claiming that the have said they want to wait until marriage. This opinion is based on two statements made in the following clips:

YouTubers React To DyE Fantasy

Skip to 4:15 

Anthony Padilla - Shane And Friends - Ep. 23
Skip to 131:25

As to whether or not they're actually waiting, maybe they've gotten past second base, maybe they've hit a home run. While watching their videos, it's clear they are very comfortable joking about sexual topics. In addition, they have had a very long engagement for a couple who is waiting to have sex.
On the other hand, it's very possible that they are in fact waiting. Believe it or not, there are still many people who decide that it is best for them to wait until marriage to have sex. According to my research and being an avid watcher of their blogs, they have never directly addressed the topic, but it is a possiblity!

What do you think?

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